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Here is a (very high-level) breakdown of how Esh computes similarity: Decomposing the procedure into strands: We decompose procedures into smaller segments (we refer to as strands), which are feasible to compare, and try to use semantically similar strands from one procedure to compose the other. Pairwise semantic comparison: We use a program verifier to […]

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Predictive Analytics is the Fortune Teller Your Business Needs —

I’ve always been skeptical of fortune tellers…mostly because I have a low tolerance for nonsense, or things not rooted in fact. And the nerve — who are you to tell me that severe financial turmoil is in my future? I don’t even know you! However, on the business side of things, not at least considering […]

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Questions from the previous blog post : What drives you? What inspires you?

Noblethemes has answered once again, voicing all our thoughts.

“Good morning! And thank you again…. Something else came to mind as I was reading your above-blog: Inspiration. Have you ever had an idea or thought that just couldn’t wait? So much so that you could hardly wait to get to your keyboard in order to type it out and share it with others? May I suggest that this is part and parcel of having the spirit of the writer! Cheers!”


I do go through this, but my previous posts about plagiarism will tell you that I am now very careful. Plagiarism kills spontaneity, originality and brilliance.

I do feel very inspired , but now I have taught myself to journal and document, but not share it with others right away.

Case in point:  We, as a team were asked find out why a certain result could not be replicated. The experiment worked in small batches, but could not be scaled. I changed the code to now look for exceptions to three new models, not just the existing one.  Next thing I know, my supervisor presented this technique as his own, and pretended to be the sole author.

The joke was on him when they ( audience) asked him how he resolved a “high -dimension data set” issue.

Because of his attempt at plagiarism, I have taught myself to guard the results of inspirations, those eureka moments or the moments when I get a great idea and I just cannot WAIT to share it with the world.

Do you have these moments where you just have to find your sketchpad/ your laptop to document and share your idea? In fact, WHAT do you think your BEST POST  has been to date?

I definitely like #Cyberbullying because there is so much of it that goes unreported.  I felt ” INSPIRED”, motivated AND COULD NOT wait TO SHARE IT  with the world , like noblethemes has pointed out!


Perceptrons – the most basic form of a neural network — thoughts…

Artificial Neural Networks have gained attention during the recent years, driven by advances in deep learning. But what is an Artificial Neural Network and what is it made of? Meet the perceptron. In this article we’ll have a quick look at artificial neural networks in general, then we examine a single neuron, and finally (this […]

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THE Spotlight is on You ..cont’d

“Wow! I am truly humbled … and adequate words escape me to properly thank you for your accolades! I am very, deeply grateful. And really, I write mostly because of an inner compulsion to write. I guess you could say that I find it nearly impossible NOT to write! LOL Consequently, my satisfaction comes from the finished product, as well as from my wonderful readers and the knowledge that others enjoy and appreciate my work. Right now, you have given me an invaluable gift in sharing my work ~ or access to my work ~ with your own readers. And THAT is most rewarding! Thank you again, and all the best to you w/blessings!”

Very good points here, friends. The focus of the next few posts will be some informational Q and A with the bloggers. It will involve me going over their posting habits, posts and their readers.

Here is Jonathan’s answer to my question:

What drives you:

“I guess you could say that I find it nearly impossible NOT to write!” Some of us would love to be compulsive writers like you, Jonathan.  I feel the same way but it has to do with creating data related posts. Mine tend to be technical. (Also, I am a compulsive list-maker. So by the time I am done with my task list, my Sundays are gone!)

Jonathan has said so much with the statement , “Consequently, my satisfaction comes from the finished product, as well as from my wonderful readers and the knowledge that others enjoy and appreciate my work.”

While the second part is true for all of us and we are focused on our readers, gaining confidence from the finished product is so true for me. I love to examine posts that have a clear cut agenda and are very complete when they are addressing technical issues. That gives me the most satisfaction. Just like the writer I am focusing on. Very Well Put Jonathan! (While Jonathan may be able to send  more detailed answers to my questions, for now this will have to do. )

Nena of You Unfolded focuses on two areas: A regular work out routine, which is about day to day progress, and the great  journey  she has undertaken documenting this.

An answer to my own question:

How have these  two blogs affected me? ( Without this, I would not read their blog as often.)

  1. Yesterday I thought about work out and hiking blogs. I decided to act on an impulse and walked at least 3 miles.
    Today I hurt, but now this blog post is helping make recover productively. My finished product has really lifted my spirits. Thank you Jonathan and Nena.  Nena hasn’t written or answers  to my queries, but she will.
  2.  Jonathan’s blog has driven me to be more productive with my blog. I do all the work but most of it is for my actual work. Blogging has made me sharpen so many skills. So I am using the recovery time, as I pointed out before, to post.

The spotlight is on how two of my blog buddies are so disciplined and how they put in work EVERYDAY!

Nena has posted so many times, I have lost track. Jonathan has many many posts on fantasy fiction, and his poems are gathering fans.

Would you like your blog to be covered? I would be happy to do it. Just leave a comment here. You don’t have to be a compulsive writer like Jonathan.


STATISTICAL surveys of blogs is a tricky process.

In the past few months I have been busy looking at several blogs. They range from highly technical areas like engineering, analytics and healthcare to blogs about fashion, shopping, cooking. All these areas show many interesting trends.  Today I have some questions for you.

You have been regularly writing, taking pictures and posting. I love reading your blog entries and seeing your photos.  I have commented on many.

Now I have some questions for you.


What drives you to write?

What kind of reward do you expect?

How much time do you devote to your blog?

What awards have you won because of your blog?

What is your best post so far?

Whose blog do you follow  the most?


While I want all of my readers to answer, I was hoping to focus on two of my blog buddies, Johnathan Noble and NENA!

Johnathan Noble’s blog is interesting. Please read it. His handle is noblethemes.

He never fails to post.  He would be a publisher’s delight. Always something interesting. Maybe he will write the next Vampire/GoT book.


Then there’s NENA!  She is so fun and smart. I admire her dedication. She is very disciplined. She posts regularly and is so pleasant. No wonder she has so many followers.

She will draw you into her life. She makes areal connection with the reader through her work out posts.


If you would like to be apart of the spotlight let me know in the comment section. I will go over your posts, study them and write about you.


Thank you so much for reading.




#Cyberbullying : Are you on Facebook?

Hello all! Thank you so much for your support in the past!


Would  YOU like replies like ” bloody stupid” and “bloody git” for millions to see? For your family to be hurt that you are being attacked?

Would you want Desiree Redburn to get away with this?






Make Desiree Redburn Kelly Saxton Coldeway, Beth Wyndham, Julie Jones, Susan Kindregan, Lou Lachat and Jennifer Link apologize to MaryJo Lester.

Would you want Kelly Saxton Coldeaway to remove your member ship and threaten you?

An animal activist on Facebook has been abused and Harassed by members of H.O.P.E.

Desiree Redburn of Launceston Tasmania called one Animal activist  a “bloody git” and before that said ” Don’t be bloody stupid”.


Abusing an animal activist is animal abuse because it prevents people from fighting as a team on social media.


Kelly Saxton Coldeaway is the self appointed leader who told this activist to NOT report the abuse to the authorities.


Beth Wyndham is the one that called Desiree Redburn over to  the post where this activist was attacked.

Jennifer Link seems to take Desiree’s side.

Claims she was ‘kicked out”. Likely ha ha.. I bet those are total lies.


Desiree Redburn selectively bullies and harasses this activist. There are so many comments from her where she DOES not bully or abuse ANYONE else!


Please get onto Facebook to support this abuse activist, MaryJo Lester.


Make Kelly, Beth , Julie, Susan Kindregan, Desiree Redburn, Lou Lachat and Jennifer Link apologize to MaryJo Lester.



Desiree Redburn intentionally said these things to hurt MaryJo because she saw that Kelly was upset at MaryJo for being very independent and knowledgeable. Beth Wyndham put her up to it. With so much harassment and so many political aspects, are they supporting animals or having an ego stroking event?


HELP THE ANIMALS.  Don’t attack other animal activists. Where is you integrity as a group leader? Are you even remotely literate like MJ?


What it takes to power a (light) bulb, and Sankey Diagrams

667 per centimeter : climate science, quantitative biology, statistics, and energy policy

Kevin Anderson has a chart he uses to argue for demand-side reduction of energy use as a powerful way to achieve emission reductions of greenhouse gases. That chart is:
It is derived from the IPCC AR4 Working Group 3 Report, in Chapter 4, as Figure 4.3, and it cites Professor Don Cleland of Massey University as a reference. A presentation containing the same figure was made at the 2006 IPS Roundable, and is reproduced below:
What it shows is that to produce electricity going into powering a lamp (sometimes called “end-use energy”) a unit of lighting, 98% of the generated energy (sometimes called “net generation”) is lost and over 99% of the energy in the original fuels are lost (sometimes called “primary energy”). The figure also shows that 75% of the generation energy is lost during transmission to the residence housing the light bulb. This is derived from…

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Timothy Geithner:The United States’ trade deficit with China hit a record $273 billion in 2010 ….

In 20011,  Via Reuters, Tim Geithner summarized the effect of stolen technology on the US economy. China has been very aggressive in copying technology. If US made products were to be sold in China, they would have to be produced there.

Here is a direct quote from Tim Geithner :

“We’re seeing China continue to be very, very aggressive in a strategy they started several decades ago, which goes like this: you want to sell to our country, we want you to come produce here … if you want to come produce here, you need to transfer your technology to us,” Geithner said.

The United States’ trade deficit with China hit a record $273 billion in 2010. This is old news. The latest numbers are worse. Had $273 billion had been pumped into the economy, for 300 million US residents in 20011 , what do you think your life would look like? What kind of stimulus check would that be?

Who can help?

Everyone can help by buying Made in America products.

Our blogs are a microcosm and a parallel universe, where our work, a product of years of study and hard work , is being openly and blatantly stolen.

Here are some questions that I have posed to my students, colleagues and friends.

What technology has not been stolen by the Chinese?


From Harry Potter to the latest self driving models, everything is at a risk of being copied.

How can this be prevented?

It can be prevented by buying Made in USA products.( Aren’t Facebook, Google and Twitter  homegrown?)

Everyone can help by buying Made in America products.

According to Matthew Aid, Humint spying is causing inventors to lose money. How about not selling to China? Not admitting the students? Being more stringent in English standards. The poor language may be OK for them , but the loss caused by them is so high that they make other countries look like friends.


This approach to espionage is nothing new. Other nations have used similar systems for centuries. What is unusual is the scale of the Chinese effort, and that makes a difference. Supporting it all is a Chinese intelligence bureaucracy back home that is huge, with nearly 100,000 people working just to keep track of the many Chinese overseas and what they could, or should, be trying to grab for the motherland. This is where many of the graduates of the National Intelligence College program will work.  “


The first time that I read this, I thought that it was a paranoid approach. Now I see first hand how blatant the IP theft is.

If each year, had Hundreds of Billions of dollars were not lost to China, do you think we would have faced the foreclosure crises? Would we have faced joblessness?

Everyone can help by buying Made in America products.


Click to access ip_commission_report_052213.pdf