Questions from the previous blog post : What drives you? What inspires you?

Noblethemes has answered once again, voicing all our thoughts.

“Good morning! And thank you again…. Something else came to mind as I was reading your above-blog: Inspiration. Have you ever had an idea or thought that just couldn’t wait? So much so that you could hardly wait to get to your keyboard in order to type it out and share it with others? May I suggest that this is part and parcel of having the spirit of the writer! Cheers!”


I do go through this, but my previous posts about plagiarism will tell you that I am now very careful. Plagiarism kills spontaneity, originality and brilliance.

I do feel very inspired , but now I have taught myself to journal and document, but not share it with others right away.

Case in point:  We, as a team were asked find out why a certain result could not be replicated. The experiment worked in small batches, but could not be scaled. I changed the code to now look for exceptions to three new models, not just the existing one.  Next thing I know, my supervisor presented this technique as his own, and pretended to be the sole author.

The joke was on him when they ( audience) asked him how he resolved a “high -dimension data set” issue.

Because of his attempt at plagiarism, I have taught myself to guard the results of inspirations, those eureka moments or the moments when I get a great idea and I just cannot WAIT to share it with the world.

Do you have these moments where you just have to find your sketchpad/ your laptop to document and share your idea? In fact, WHAT do you think your BEST POST  has been to date?

I definitely like #Cyberbullying because there is so much of it that goes unreported.  I felt ” INSPIRED”, motivated AND COULD NOT wait TO SHARE IT  with the world , like noblethemes has pointed out!



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