#Cyberbullying : Are you on Facebook?

Hello all! Thank you so much for your support in the past!


Would  YOU like replies like ” bloody stupid” and “bloody git” for millions to see? For your family to be hurt that you are being attacked?

Would you want Desiree Redburn to get away with this?






Make Desiree Redburn Kelly Saxton Coldeway, Beth Wyndham, Julie Jones, Susan Kindregan, Lou Lachat and Jennifer Link apologize to MaryJo Lester.

Would you want Kelly Saxton Coldeaway to remove your member ship and threaten you?

An animal activist on Facebook has been abused and Harassed by members of H.O.P.E.

Desiree Redburn of Launceston Tasmania called one Animal activist  a “bloody git” and before that said ” Don’t be bloody stupid”.


Abusing an animal activist is animal abuse because it prevents people from fighting as a team on social media.


Kelly Saxton Coldeaway is the self appointed leader who told this activist to NOT report the abuse to the authorities.


Beth Wyndham is the one that called Desiree Redburn over to  the post where this activist was attacked.

Jennifer Link seems to take Desiree’s side.

Claims she was ‘kicked out”. Likely ha ha.. I bet those are total lies.


Desiree Redburn selectively bullies and harasses this activist. There are so many comments from her where she DOES not bully or abuse ANYONE else!


Please get onto Facebook to support this abuse activist, MaryJo Lester.


Make Kelly, Beth , Julie, Susan Kindregan, Desiree Redburn, Lou Lachat and Jennifer Link apologize to MaryJo Lester.



Desiree Redburn intentionally said these things to hurt MaryJo because she saw that Kelly was upset at MaryJo for being very independent and knowledgeable. Beth Wyndham put her up to it. With so much harassment and so many political aspects, are they supporting animals or having an ego stroking event?


HELP THE ANIMALS.  Don’t attack other animal activists. Where is you integrity as a group leader? Are you even remotely literate like MJ?



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