I am about to disconnect, LOL

We have many followers. My family members have 1.1k followers in 1 month on FB and so on. I don’t. I probably have 23.

On Twitter, its just activism. Still it does count. I have been very busy with some move related stuff.

I am about to drop the kinds of followers who: dont:

  1.  respond
  2.  comment
  3. ask me about my day
  4. come to my defense, subtly or not
  5. talk TO me

How we break up says so much. I have the kind of friends who will pick me up at the airport at odd hours if needed, will substitute for me, will defend me. I do the same. for them. On social media you’d expect that people would ask about your day. Here and on twitter, I see that of my 400+ followers no one faves my tweets or asks me about my day. I can be an activist by myself. I am going to be volunteering with 2 NPOs.

I was asked to sign some petitions. My work said to do that from a diff computer. So I could not. Instead, I tweeted 10 times as much. I polled my other friends and found out that 90% found that very reasonable. The aim of a petition is to help undo an injustice. I accomplished more by publicizing the cause and petition site.

Amongst Aniplals, I tweet for animals. These tweeps dont, even once a week read my tweets, say hello, or read my blog.

If you wanted to work for shelters and some people ill-treated you, you would find another way to help animals.

I am more productive when I am with friends. Real ones. LOYAL, KIND PALS!

Thank you for the support!

@larrytyner  @middle_me @nimitode  @kawalpeet,


23 thoughts on “I am about to disconnect, LOL

  1. Well, my friendly blog-buddy, about Twitter first: I’m honestly still trying to figure it all out. Now, that may seem very silly and nonsensical to you, but as I’ve admitted before, I’m no technologist; neither am I “up” on all of the social media venues … so, as far as Twitter is concerned, please give me time. (At this point — and I’m just honestly confessing — I really don’t see the point in my having a Twitter account! (But you recommended I open one, so I did and eventually I’ll conquer the beast! LOL)

    So far as your WP blog is concerned, however, I do wish you’d reconsider before dropping followers. Allow me to share something of my own personal experience: First, my WP blog was not my first, but third! The first two I quickly decided were failing miserably, so I shut them down … probably too quickly. With WP it was different, maybe because it was my third, and I determined to just keep going, and so I did … beginning (I believe) over three years ago…

    For months I blogged, and for months I hardly ever got a “like” or comment. After more than one year, I still had (I believe) under 100 followers, and still very few “likes” and comments…

    Naturally, I became very discouraged. I didn’t shut down my blog, however. I simply stopped blogging for a period of so many (?) months. When I returned, I did so with an altogether different attitude, perspective and determination. This is when I began my “Sloughheart Series.”

    I wrote episode after episode after episode, eventually so many that I divided the series into two parts. Part One I actually self-published for “paperback preservation,” LOL, totaling almost 200 pages! Part Two could likewise be published — standard sized type and paper — totaling anywhere between 175 – 200 pages. But simply begin at the beginning of those episode (not bothering to read) and look at the bottom of each page … look at how many “likes” and comments I received. Hardly any, IF any. So why did I continue??? Because I wanted to write it; I felt some deep compulsion to write it; it HAD to be written…

    Well, then, my own necessary conclusion: I love having followers; I love when individuals “like” what I’ve written; I deeply appreciate comments, which is why I try to make some substantive comment(s) on another’s blog post when I can… Ultimately, though, it’s not about followers, likes, and comments; it’s about what must be written strictly for, or because of, the content being written and presented. It’s that deep, inner-compulsion that will let you do no other.

    Other than this, my “sage” ramblings; I appreciate your blog, though the contents really are often beyond my complete comprehension; however, I am one of your followers and am honored to be so! All the very best to you w/blessings!

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    • Per your fabulous, deep and intelligent advice, I did not drop any of my WP followers.

      You wont believe this, but I am very inspired bc of you and Debi, Heidi from twitter.

      Now watch me do justice to your encouraging me so. Also I know in my heart that you are cut out to be an author and a scholar. You will get my posts. Not today, may be..but I sense this depth and intelligence.
      Recommending u for #awards now 🙂

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  2. Good to know about your work for NPO. Sorry if I am not able to really ask how was your day…I haven’t written for a long time and seldom visit blog nowadays since I have been busy. However, today I thought of checking out those blogs that followed me but I was not able to followed back. I still see to it that I respond to comments. I can only assure that I think about my blogging friends and my followers, and I thank them even though they might not hear it or read it on their post/blog. Wishing you many blessings and I agree you don’t need to drop your followers since life sometimes gets in the way. Keep up the good work! 🙂


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