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An installation of WAMP includes a bundle of an updated PHP version, Apache Server and also a PHPMyAdmin Database server that supports MySql.

Go to and download the required WAMP version according to the required configurations. Once you start the installation, you will go through a series of windows as follows (Its not as complicated as installing MS Server).

Image 1 Image 2
Image 3 Image 4
Image 5 Image 6
Image 7 Image 9
Image 10

Installation might take some time, till then go grab a cup of hot coffee.

Once the installation is done, launch the WAMP server. You will see a green WAMP logo in the icons tray.

Type “localhost” in your browser. You should see following screen:
Image 12

It can be a possiblity that, once you start the WAMP server, you might get the following error:

Image 8

To resolve this issue, install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 from here. Once its installed, restart the WAMP SERVER again.

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